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It’s hard to believe another year is coming to an end….but now it’s time to enjoy good times with family and friends and celebrate together. The second half of 2019 was just as memorable as the first here at The Ridge. And for that, we’re very grateful.

Here’s a quick look back at some of the happenings over the past six months:

The Brand X crew rolled through with two new EPIC releases. Rob mixed & mastered “Nemesis X”, a collection of dark, nasty and massive sounding music that celebrates both Hero & Anti Hero. Also from the Innovators Of Epic is “Super X Volume 2”, a collection of 16 heroic action cues to save the day. John Sponsler & Tom Gire produced both with much love and help from Corey Martin. We had an awesome time working on these together….including witnessing Tom’s amazing drone piloting skills.

For Pelman Music + Sound Design, Rob mixed and mastered a wonderfully inventive and unique trailer style collection from DIN entitled “Black Flower”. This set of eleven cues features colorful and distinctive blends of synth and orchestral elements, as well as interesting tempo changes and odd time signatures that help create incredibly cinematic and “picture ready” music. It was a blast working with producer Dave Pelman & composer Noah Lifschey on this!

Rob mastered Jensen Reed & Ben Giroux’s outrageously clever and funny music video “Back To The 80’s”. Christian James Hand produced and mixed the track. Their previous video, “Back To The 90’s” has been viewed nearly 100 million times to date. Both are side splitting hilarious and are so worth watching.

For Immediate Music / BMG and good buddy Jeff Fayman, Rob mixed and mastered “IMX Percussive Action 3”, a collection of twelve hard hitting and intense cues featuring aggressive percussion and explosive sound design.

For Pitch Hammer Music, Rob mixed and mastered two new releases. “Emotional Drama 2” & “Trailer Fuel: Devastation.” Veigar Margeirsson produced both.

Rob worked on a number of great projects for London based A + G Songs including a new release for the phenomenal vocalist Eivor entitled “Unbreakable”, featuring production from J2 & Daniel Heath. Also, a bunch of incredibly cool reimagined covers from producer / composer Christian Reindl that feature vocalists Lloren & Dream Harlow. It was a treat to mix and master fresh new looks at such iconic songs as Dylan’s “Masters of War”, The Verve’s “Bitter Sweet Symphony”, Johnny Cash’s “Hurt”, “A Summer Place” that featured Andy Williams original vocal, and an outrageous and quirky version of the classic standard “Puttin’ On The Ritz”. A + G CEO Roy Lidstone was the executive producer on all.

For Position Music, Rob mixed and mastered a new release for composer Tommy Walter entitled “Philanthropia”. Jake Versluis produced.

Rob had the pleasure of mixing, mastering and drinking some great Scotch with composer and pal Erick Devore. First was his newest Maximum Impact release for Audio Network featuring brilliant live orchestra and choir recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Rob also mixed and mastered Erick’s compositions for a new X-Ray Dog / BMG release called “Play Dead”. BMG’s Brad Marrapodi produced.

Rob mixed and mastered new cues for Tonal Chaos head honcho Marc Aaron Jacobs & composer Patrick Rundblad.

…And that’s enough of this! Pour yourself a drink and enjoy spending some quality time with friends and family.


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