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Want experience? All you need is Rob.

Music mixer & mastering engineer Rob Beaton has been involved in creating music for virtually all forms of media for over 35 years.

Specializing in mixing & mastering music for movie trailers & tv promos, Rob’s clients are a “who’s who” of the Production Library Music industry, including companies like Brand X, Immediate Music, Position Music, Pitch Hammer, X-Ray Dog / BMG, Twelve Titans, Audionetwork, Killer Tracks, Chroma Music, APM, Extreme Music and more.


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Something to say from Rob’s clients…

BMG Production Music/X-Ray Dog Music
SVP (BMG) / Founder (X-Ray)

“I have always been impressed with Rob’s intimate knowledge of 100s of plug-ins and his ultimate collection of pricey complicated out-board pieces of rack gear but what has set him above his peers is the musical way in which he uses them. To have someone understand musically what you are trying to achieve by getting in your head and joining forces with you to help you reach those goals is all you ever want as a creative person. He is first a musician always keeping that perspective, not afraid to break the rules and always looking to tackle something challenging. He has helped me shape ground-breaking recordings for a long time and will forever be my go-to mixing and mastering engineer.”

Tom Gire
Brand X Music

“Rob is the quintessential professional, and we’ve had the pleasure of trusting him with our mixes and masters at Brand X for nearly a decade. He’s easy to work with, fast, efficient, and produces a product that stands apart from the pack each and every time.”

John Sponsier
Brand X Music

“I used to mix everything Brand X released.  Mixing often took me longer than writing the piece itself!  Then I met Rob.  Huh?  What took me so long???  Rob’s mixes not only sounded better than mine, I now can spend more time writing and less time fussing!  Needless to say, I do not mix anymore.  Thanks Rob.”

Veigar Margeirsson
Pitch Hammer Music
Composer/Creative Director/Owner
“I have worked with Rob Beaton for the better part of two decades in music for Film, TV, and Film Trailers. Simply put, Rob is second to none! Aside from being a master at mixing and mastering, he never compromises on quality and never cuts corners, no matter how crushing the deadline is. Attention to detail is everything, and it always shows in his work. His contribution to our music is a massively important part of our sound.”
Jeff Fayman
Immediate Music
“Rob Beaton can miraculously make the most EPIC cinematic trailer music sound like background stock library music from a daytime soap opera!”
(I just want to be sure you won’t be too busy to mix my tracks…)  (:>0)
Jake Versluis
Position Music
A&R Creative & Video Games/Sports

Rob Beaton has become a “go-to” solution to mix projects for Position Music.  Once our composers work with him, they don’t want to have their music mixed by anyone else!

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