Happy New Year and welcome to 2018! So....this seems the perfect time to finally update the old web site....it’s been so long....

2017 was an amazing year for Rob. So many fantastic projects with so many awesome people. Some of Rob’s favorite tracks from these projects are now up in the LISTEN section of the website...so have a listen!

Killer new releases from Brand X included “Explorer’s”, “Funky Jams Volume 1”, “Terror Lab Volume 3”, “Meta” and they’re newest release, “Super X”. Working with the Brand X crew is such a pleasure in every way.

Two amazing projects for Position Music: first, Mark Nolan’s third release entitled “Age Of Antihero”. Collaborating with Mark on all three of his releases has been a blast. He’s an amazing talent and a great guy. I’m looking forward to the next one! And then there’s Adam Peter’s release entitled “Generator”. Meeting Adam and working with him was one of the top moments of this past year for Rob. He’s a great hang and his unique musical sensibilities made mixing this project an incredible experience...thanks Jake Versluis for making it happen!

Tons of new music for longtime friends and collaborators Veigar Margeirsson & Brian Brasher of Pitch Hammer Music, including a custom piece for Steven Spielberg’s new movie “Ready Player One”.

Lot’s of new music for Producer J2 including the releases “Synthwave Volume 1”, “Last Of The Warriors Volume 2”, “Tribal Primal”, “Bad Ass Volume 1” and of course, more of the awesome reimagined and trailer-ized covers that he’s so well known for on “The Iconic Series” releases “Volume 6” & “Volume 7”.

More awesome covers were mixed for buddies Chris Ramsdell & Steve Dzialowski of Chroma Music and Immediate Music’s head honcho Jeff Fayman. We never get tired of working on their unique and twisted takes on all of these classic songs!

Rob also mixed a wonderful collection of songs for the incredibly talented and unique vocalist Eivor for Chroma Music. Chris Ramsdell handled the production on this one as well.

Sending over his positive vibes was X-Ray Dog’s Mitch Lijewski, who brought Rob in to mix a bunch of tracks for new releases “Baron Von Doghausen”, “All Dogs Go To Heaven” & “Instinct”. Composers included Erick Devore, Inon Zur, Mike Rubino & Brad Marrapodi.

Rob was thrilled to reconnect with Selectracks founder Stuart Hart this past year and help him launch his new company Redshift Artists with an explosive collection of new music. Stuart’s energy and passion for the music is so infectious and fun to be a part of.

Two new releases from Producer Alex Pitschka’s Montage Music featuring the compositions of the great Mark Petrie. These were a blast to work on! Mark is an incredible musical mind and Alex’s feel for the music makes mixing their tracks something very special.

Rob had the pleasure of working with Devin Bronson & Adam Parker this past year, mastering four releases for their new company Noise Candy Music. Here’s wishing them the best and looking forward to making lots of great music in the future!

Lots of new releases for Killer Tracks and producers Ryan Perez-Daple & Carl Peel. Thank you both for the many years of loyalty...it’s always a pleasure to work with you guys.

On a personal note...while 2017 was a fantastic year for me creatively & professionally, it also came with much sadness as I lost my father Bob Beaton in August after a short three month battle with cancer. To say that the whole thing sucked would be a huge understatement. My family & I miss him immensely and he’s on mind all the time. I hope to dedicate myself in his honor to be the best father, husband, friend and human being i can be. It seems everyone has felt the pain of cancer in one way or another...and now i can include myself in that group.

So on that note, be thankful for all of the blessings in your life...I want to wish everyone a very blessed & healthy 2018!


Fall 2014

Laura Sullivan at the Grammys 2014More than a year in the making….but hopefully worth the wait. Some of the things Rob's been guilty of in the past year and more.

Proof that if you stick around long enough, this could happen to you! Rob mastered Laura Sullivan's CD "Love's River" which won the 2014 Grammy for Best New Age Record. Congratulations to a fantastic artist and wonderful person.

Beacon Street's awesome theme song for the IFC Networks kooky mini series "The Spoils Of Babylon" was beaten out by Alan Silvestri's "Cosmos" theme. But a nomination was nice. Steve Lawrence absolutely killed it on this. Rob recorded and mixed it, and It was an amazing experience to work with a legend like that.

"Once Upon A Dream" features a haunting vocal Maleficentfrom Lana Del Rey backed by a massive orchestra recorded at Abbey Road Studios. Daniel Heath produced and arranged and Rob mixed it.

UP AND COMERS THE MOWGLIS. Rob mixed the bands Island Records debut "Waiting For The Dawn" with good pal, producer Christian Hand.

Most of Rob's time now is spent cranking out great tracks for a number of Production Library clients. Here's a rundown of some of the latest and greatest he's had the pleasure of working on:

















June 2013

After 18 months of no new news…..we figured now's as good a time as any. And Happy Summer!

Rob's been very busy mixing new music for Brand X Music, and loving the fantastic material from Tom, John & Josh. Can't wait to hear this great work in feature trailers soon!

Also keeping Rob out of trouble is Pitch Hammer. Brian Brasher and Veigar Margeirsson's new company that's been tearing it up since they started over a year ago. To date, Rob's mixed and mastered well over 100 pieces of music in styles that are gripping and attention getting. Pitch Hammer has had a number of movie campaigns feature their music so far, including trailers for:

ironman3Iron Man 3, Despicable Me 2, After Earth, Olympus Has Fallen, Zero Dark Thirty, Evil Dead and many more. Congratulations to both of you. We're thrilled to be part of your team….and to call you both friends!

Rob co-mixed and mastered the debut from The Mowgli's with great friend and true genius producer Christian Hand. The CD entitled "Waiting For The Dawn", is from Photofinish / UMG and is loaded with super catchy, super friendly songs delivered in the very unique and warm style of this great band.

Good friend Daniel Heath's music….mixed & mastered by Rob was featured in campaigns for The Hobbit.

And speaking of Mr. Heath, Rob recently mixed and mastered two new "artist series" releases featuring Daniel's dynamic, dramatic and truly unique music for trailers. "Dark Walk" is from Position Music and the other is from First Com Music & the Universal Trailer Series.

god of warRob mastered Tyler Bates amazing score for "God Of War: Ascension" for soundtrack release. The music is breathtaking….recorded at Abbey Road studios, the mixes were a dream to work with….as was working with producer Pete Scaturro and his team at Sony Games.

Selectracks and producer Peter Shurkin were stoked when David Reynolds' "Requiem Of The Gods" was used for the International Theatrical trailer for Star Trek: Into Darkness. The track was mixed and mastered by Rob, along with 9 others for the Selectracks release Critical Mass Vol. 3 Revolutions.

Composer Raney Shockne has enlisted Rob to mix all of the music for Charlie Sheen's new show "Anger Management". Now in it's second season, Raney's unique and sparse orchestration of drums, percussion, bass and whistles keep the show flowing in a fun and friendly way. Thanks Erik Reichers and The Echo Bar for delivering some great sounding performances and tracks!

love boatRob recently finished mixing & mastering a batch of new tunes with producer Steve Ouimette for Ubi Soft's very popular Just Dance series. New songs include The Love Boat theme, Aquarius / Let The Sunshine In & Copacabana. Maybe the most fun Rob's had mixing in…..awhile!

Rob mastered a number of new releases from Extreme Music, including new artists for their wildly popular HYPE series as well as more great radio ready songs from the Wizardz Of Oz and their Super Pop series. Thanks Russell & Kelsey!

Many mastering projects for my pals at Killer Tracks….Ryan Perez-Daple, Carl Peel and Jason Steele. Too many to mention….but most recently was a new collection from the great and amazing Chuck D entitled "Revolution".

rikkha nuit fataleRob had the great pleasure of mixing (half of) and mastering (all of) jazz guitarist Craig Sharmat's new CD "Bleu Horizons". Wonderfully produced and arranged, the songs take you around the world in about an hour! It was a pleasure working with Craig on this project.

Rob's mastered a number of epic trailer style tracks from the fantastic composer Jeff Cardoni ("The League", "CSI: Miami").

Rob mixed (half of) and mastered (all of) the new CD from the French self described sensual garage rock band Rikkha. The new CD called "Nuit Fatale" is loaded with rocking and raunchy songs and a sensuality that matches the bands great look. Rob failed French 5 times in high school….but they still loved his work! And it was a pleasure to have Seb and Juliette here at The POD.


January 2012

Wishing you all a Happy New Year and the very best in 2012. Here's some of the things that kept me out of trouble in 2011.

Rob has been working extensively with Extreme Music on their groundbreaking collaboration with the MTV network called HYPE. Led by music tastemaker Nic Harcourt, this massive collection includes some of the best independent bands and singer / songwriters worldwide. To date, Rob has mastered literally 100s of songs from over 20 different artists….and he loves seeing producers Kelsey Dewald and Russell Emanuel at LA HYPE shows! It forces him to leave the house…..

Veigar Margeirsson's "Rise Above" - mixed and mastered by Rob, is featured in the trailer for Steven Spielberg's new movie "War Horse".Warhorse

Position Music's release "Vendetta" Orchestral Series 6 from German composer Jo Blankenberg features music mixed and mastered by Rob in trailers for "Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows part 2" & "Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn ll".

Rob also mastered Position Music's popular series "Trailer AMMO Annihilation 1 & 2."

Rob mixed new songs for Lana Del Rey and Tyrone Wells.

Rob mixed and mastered 3 songs for super bad singer / songwriter Moi. He also made an impressive showing on the fall 2011 season of NBC's "Sing Off". Check out….no! buy the tunes!

Rob mixed and mastered Daniel Heath's music featured in the upcoming movie "Mirror Mirror" (Julia Roberts, Armie Hammer).

Rob mixed and mastered two new KPM Music releases for composers Jane Antonia Cornish & Daniel Heath. "Epic Movies" features massively dramatic and cinematic orchestral pieces. "Dramedy" is a collection of wonderfully orchestrated pieces in a wide range of emotions. These two definitely make great music together, and it's always a blast to work with them.

Rob mixed and mastered a number of awesome pieces of music for producer Alex Pitschka and his company Montage MX. These hard hitting and explosive tracks will be coming to a trailer near you soon!

Recent projects with composer / producer Steve Ouimette (of Guitar Hero fame) include a wonderfully creative piece of new music to celebrate game developer Ubisoft's 25th anniversary, as well as some great re-records of "Boogie Wonderland", "U Can't Touch This", "Who Let The Dogs Out" & "Jump In The Line" for Just Dance 3. Rob also mixed and mastered Steve's tracks for APM's End Game 130 "Southern Rock & Blues".

Rob mixed and mastered new music for composer Tony Fiala that was featured in trailers for "The American" (George Clooney) & "Unstoppable" (Denzel Washington).

Projects with Selectracks include: "Tokyo Dispatch", a collection of very melodic & heavy electronica tracks and "It's All Good", an outstanding 14 song set of ultra groovy retro / modern cuts from killer (and insanely versatile) composer / producer Josh Mobley.

More great projects with Killer Tracks, including: Chuck D "Love Songs", "CM85 Dub Step", "ESPN Country Drama", "Fox Sports NFL Drama" and many more.

Rob mixed and mastered "Tandava" by Skanda (Daniel Lessner & Will Richter) for the Showtime original series "Borgias".

Rob mixed and mastered a 10 song collection released through APM / Sonoton for duo Urbanworx (Steve Phillips & Julia Trainor). These tracks almost defy description…combining elements of metal, electronica, hip hop, orchestral and sound design to create huge and uniquely cinematic music.

Rob mixed and mastered more great tunes from Chicago based indie alternative power-pop trio Headshadow (web site).

Rob mastered new releases for Bad Ass Music: "Kitschy Kitchen" & "Happy Go Lucky".

Rob mastered comedian Margaret Cho's new live CD "Cho Dependent".

Rob mastered Warrant's new CD "Rockaholic" for Frontiers Records.

Hitting the ground running…..2012 begins with mixing and mastering new releases for APM's hugely popular Siren brand, which will feature breathtaking performances by the London Studio Orchestra, recorded at world famous AIR Studios Lyndhurst Hall in London. Also coming soon, two new releases for Sonoton and producer Brian Brasher, and mixing and mastering a live orchestra project from good buddy Veigar Margeirsson.


March 2011

Rob mixed and mastered "Orchestral Series Volume 6" for Position Music. This massive 13 track collection was composed, arranged and orchestrated by Jo Blankenburg. The tracks were recorded in Berlin, Prague and you guessed it baby, Detroit USA! Featuring a live orchestra, choir, solo vocalist and huge percussion as well as various hard rock elements (drums, bass and guitar), these cues are huge and beautiful and cover some incredible emotional ground; from tender to heart stopping. It was a blast working on this. Position head honcho Tyler Bacon produced the project.

Rob recently provided mixing and mastering on a number of various Selectracks projects, including these new releases: mixing and mastering "Critical Mass Volume 1: Armageddon", mastering "Human Spirit Volume 3", mastering "Hard Drama", as well as a handful of individual pieces licensed for various TV programs including CBS's "Hawaii Five-0". Steven Stern produced.

Recent Action with my buddies at Killer Tracks include NM303 "Heartland Rock", CM81 80's Hip Hop (Jason Steele produced both) and KT240 "Dance Pop" and Fox Sports Volume 2 both produced by Ryan Perez-Daple.

Rob mixed and mastered more great releases of the very popular End Game brand for APM. The new projects include EG125 "Dramedy", EG126 "Elevator", EG127 "Kids Action Adventure", EG128 "Cut To The Chase". Erin Collins produced.

Rob mastered some great new songs from the always great Chance. "Bus Stop People", "Over My Head", "From The Water To The Sand" and "Solitude" are brilliant, and the videos are stunning to watch.

After the great success of "Action Rock" for KPM, the team of Brian Brasher & Tim Guille cranked out a new collection of 12 rock and metal infused grooves that liven up any high light segment. "Action Rock 2" features tons of catchy melodies and heavy grooves and was a joy to mix and master. Plus they're fun to hang out with!

Rob mastered the new release from The Tender Box. "Reverence" is an awesome collection of new songs that showcase this bands unique melodic sound. Producers Jay Ruston (The Donnas), Warren Huart (The Frey) & the legendary Jack Douglas (Aerosmith, John Lennon) all contributed their talents. Executive producer for Swinghouse was the proud San Francisco Giant loving Phil Jargui.

Rob teamed up again with Brian Brasher and old pal Veigar Mareirsson for the Bruton release "Defining Moments". This collection of 12 tracks is geared specifically for Trailers and TV promos and features a wonderful array of heartfelt, inspiring and dramatic pieces of music.

Rob mastered the new CD "Ninja Flying Eagles" from Death Death Die. This twisted beast features the insane Jason Ellis (The Jason Ellis Show on Sirius Radio) on vocals and the outrageously perfect song writing and production of Christian Hand. If you thought their last CD (Taintstick's 6lbs of Sound) was disturbing......

Rob mixed and mastered a new song from Phineas & Ferb composer Danny Jacob for a new compilation release featuring music from the very popular Disney Channel program.

Rob mastered a new CD for Jude Cole & Kiefer Sutherland's Ironworks Music of the band Wayland. This very strong debut 11 song collection was produced by Florian Ammon and Michael Gurley.

Rob teamed up again with Andrew Griffin and his great cast of characters to mix and master a new release for Felsen. "Felsen Loves You" was co produced by Wayne Skeen for 9th Street Opus. I can't say enough about Andrew and his musical sensibilities....i wish he'd make a record every month!

Rob mastered a great collection of four songs from the very brand new Chicago trio Headshadow. Led by Chris Kayes, the band boasts a sound somewhere between Nada Surf and the New Raconteurs. Check them out on Facebook....or better yet, buy the music!

Rob mixed and mastered Marin County singer songwriter and bluesy guitar slinger Dave Erdmann's (Commander Cody) new CD "Faith". Just plain old no frills rockin' blues....just the way your mama used to make it.

Rob mastered a number of tracks for various projects from Canadian producer / mixer Ryan Anderson. Ryan's big, heavy & melodic rock tracks are always a blast to spin on. Recent bands include Seven Strait, QED, Hedged, Quitters Club & My Constant.

Rob mastered a new EP for Ventura County's We Govern We. Led by the unique and killer guitar playing of Panos Scourtis and the lovely vocals of Anna Karakalou, with creative help and production from Daniel Ash (Love & Rockets), these guys have a truly modern indie sound.

Rob mastered a new comedy CD from Whitney Cummings (the hot one on the Comedy Central Roasts). She's easy on the eyes & funny too.


Holiday 2010

Rob makes an appearance in the TV show "Carpet Brothers", which premiered on HBO's "Funny Or Die". This hilarious 30 minute comedy stars Will Ferrell, David Spade, and Tim Meadows and was written and directed by Matt Piedmont. Rob's not quitting his day job anytime soon though... despite his small speaking role. Rob also mixed much of the music with his buddies at Beacon Street StudiosAndrew FeltensteinJohn Nau, FishDanny Dunlap, Colin Wolfe, Derek Breakfields and Brian Chapman, who all helped to create the wacky and super cool songs and score. 

Rob mixed a series of new versions of ESPNs classic Monday Night Football theme for the 2010 season.

Mastered a new song from "The Office" star Melora Hardin (she plays Jan). Man, she can sing! The song, "Pussy Come Here", is fresh and funny.

Rob's mixes of composer Tony Fiala's work were used in trailers for "Inception" and "MacGruber".

Mastered a collection of new songs from former American Idol finalist Antonella Barba. These catchy radio-ready tunes were produced by Dan Mackenzie.

Rob mixed a dope new version of the Grease classic "We Go Together" for composer / producer Ryan Perez-Daple. The tune is featured in the  movie "Easy A", starring Emma Stone.

A number of new projects with Killer Tracks including "8 Bit Glitch", "SLAM 65", "EDGE 94", "Hip Hop Beats", "CM75 Gospel", and another great collection from the legendary Chuck D entitled "Sports Jams".

Rob mixed and mastered a new collection of music entitled "Airscream" for ICM (International Creative Management). These powerful cues feature many of ICM's top composers and can be heard in a number of film trailers. Raney Shockne produced. 

Mastered a new catalog of material from Red Arc Music Group entitled "Fringe Element". Over 80 pieces of very diverse and well produced music. Sean Harrisonand Marc Caruso produced the project.

Much more new work with one of my favorite producers, Erin Collins on the very popular End Game series for APM. Recent new releases: 118 "Sports Rock", 120"Horror & Tension", 121 "Dark Times" and 123 "Holiday Madness".  

Mixed the Fox Sports theme with composer Fred Kron. This piece of music is heard literally everywhere on the entire Fox Sports network as well as during sporting events on the Fox national network.

Rob mixed and mastered guitar virtuoso Steve Ouimette's new CD "Epic". Ouimette is known for his incredible work on the Guitar Hero video game series. Perhaps you've heard of it? This collection of tunes showcases his insane playing and writing and also features the great Kenny Aronoff on drums.

Mastered a new CD from Little Caesar, one of the truly unsung rock bands of LA's late 80's Sunset Strip scene. "Redemption" doesn't pull any punches and Ron Young sounds just as a good as he did singing "Chain Of Fools".

Mastered the new Mike Malinin ( Goo Goo Dolls ) project "forty marshas".

Mixed Howling Entertainment's new Cornerstone Cues collection "Casa Verdugo". The tracks were mastered by Brian 'Big BassGardner.

Rob mastered a massive collection from Extreme Music. Over 250 pieces of original music for the A & E Network Music Library.

Somewhat recent commercials with pals at Beacon Street include: Super Bowl spots for GatoradeCareerbuilder.com and Hyundai. Other notable campaigns: CokeNASCARK SwissBest Buy, and many more....

Rob mastered new stuff from The Tender Box. The songs were produced by the legendary Jack Douglas ( AerosmithJohn Lennon, etc )

Rob mixed and mastered "Back End Collection" for KPM. The release was produced by Brian Brasher for One Armed Scissor



Just in time for the Holidays, Rob helped his Beacon Street buddies produce a Christmas CD for the hit HBO show Big Love. The CD is made up of classic traditional Christmas songs done in a quirky and organic way that only the Beacon guys can do. The songs feature such guests as John Ferarro on drums, Lisa Haley on fiddle, Josh Grange on pedal steele as well as cast members Mary Kay Place, Harry Dean Stanton, Cassie Thompson and Mireille Enos providing the vocals. 350,000 copies of the CD will be distributed as free inserts in a December issue of Entertainment Weekly magazine.

And the never ending parade of national spots continues at Beacon Street. Some highlights include campaigns for Microsoft, Gap, Samsung, Old Navy, Burger King, Walmart and many more.

Rob mixed and mastered Standing Shadows debut. "5 Years Of Darkness" will be available on i Tunes soon.  | Standing Shadows on MySpace |

Rob mastered two new releases from Extreme Music.

More APM End Game titles: Rob mixed and mastered tracks for End Game 115 "Something Wicked" and 116 "Quiet Reflections". Erin Collins produced the collections.

Rob mastered the soundtrack of the original score from the feature film "They Killed Sister Dorothy". The award winning film features narration from Martin Sheen and the beautiful score was composed and produced by Pedro Bromfman. The CD is being released by Lakeshore Records.

Rob mastered a new CD for the great comedienne Margaret Cho. This hilarious set was taken from her Comedy Central standup special.

More projects for Killer Tracks, including a new Chuck D collection called "Game Day" and a Hip Hop disc featuring Young Bo. Carl Peel produced both sets. With producer Jason Steele, Rob mastered CM76 Hip Hop, and with producer Ryan Perez-Daple Edge 88.

More Siren collections for Nathan Duvall's Howling Entertainment with Rob handling both mixing and mastering duties. New titles include Siren 24 Family Fantasy Adventure (featuring composers Daniel Heath & Jane Cornish) and Siren 25 Back End 5 (Daniel Heath again). This extremely successful series is distributed through APM.

Rob mastered new music for Riptide including new Romantic Comedy and Party Vibe collections.



Rob mastered a great collection of music for a new Love & Rockets tribute CD. The Justice Records release features contributions from The Flaming Lips, Frank Black, Better Than Ezra, The Dandy Warhols, Ian Moore, Adrian Young (No Doubt), Monster Magnet, AI and many, many more. The collection was produced by Christopher The Minister and Phil Jaurgui.

Rob teamed with composer Pete Scaturro again to create some awesome new music for the 2009 E3 Video Game Convention held in Los Angeles. Pete composed and produced with Rob handling the mixing and mastering chores. The Tracks feature studs like Brain (Guns N' Roses & Primus) on drums, Joe Gore (Tom Waits, PJ Harvey) on bass and guitar and Larry LaLonde (Primus) also on guitar.

Rob mastered the debut from Taintstick. Yes, that's right Taintstick. This clever and off the hook group features Jason Ellis and Christian Hand (who also moonlight at Sirius Radio). The disc drops in July on Suburban Noize Records.

Rob mixed Ryan Perez-Daple's rocking rendition of the Alan Sherman classic "Grenada" for the soundtrack of the new film Fired Up. The movie stars hotties like Molly Sims (Yes Man) and 90210 & Nip / Tuck star Annalynne McCord.

Rob mastered new releases for Kat Green's Bad Ass Music. The Architect: Urban Pop, The Super 70's, Mutha Funkin' Jazz & Superfly Audio: City Stories are all coming to a TV or film near you.

Rob's been busy at the ALWAYS busy Beacon Street working with his pals John and Andrew on commercials for everything from Bud Light, Miller, Busch, McDonalds, Burger King, Wendy's, Axxe, Secret, Aveeno, JC Penny, TJ Maxx, Sherwin Williams, Kohler.....oh, and Super Bowl spots for Coke Zero (featuring Steeler headhunting stud Troy Polamalu), and the USA Network.

Rob mixed new tracks for Killer Tracks. The youthful pop tracks were composed and produced by Andrew Synowiec.

More Killer Tracks projects include mastering the releases "Electronica Exotica" and "Gospel". The Gospel disc features music from Tommy Coster Jr and the jaw dropping drumming of Dennis Chambers.

Rob had the pleasure of having Love & Rockets and Bauhaus member Daniel Ash over at the The POD to mastering his very cool take on the classic David Essex tune "Rock On".

Rob mixed Bay Area singer songwriter Andrew Griffin's new CD. The 12 song collections is packed with quirky, organic and thought provoking music that really takes you there and back.




Guns n'Roses new album, Chinese Democracy, has finally seen the light of day. And with it are two songs that Rob and good friend Pete Scaturro helped create, way back in 2000. Yes, in the year 2000. Pete and Rob produced the tracks "Sorry" and "Shackler's Revenge" with literal guitar hero Buckethead and former Gn'R and Primus drummer Brian "Brain" Mantia, with Axl ultimately adding his voice. We were surprised as anybody...and look forward to our free can of Dr. Pepper.


Rob recorded the legendary Isaac Hayes (may he rest in peace) for a campaign for wireless provider Sprint. The Isaac Hayes Seductive Serenader will allow users to pen the lyrics, which Isaac sings to a song that they can then send to someone special. The project was produced by my pals at Beacon Street Studios.

Rob mastered a collection of stellar tracks from Hip Hop legend Chuck D. “Slam Jamz” is the real deal from a man who helped define the genre and these tracks ooze with street cred. Kat Green produced for Killer Tracks.

Rob mastered the new CD for independent solo artist Chance, titled “Famous Words & Alibis.”

Rob mastered a new holiday tune for singer Joss Stone. “All I Want For Christmas” was written and produced by Dan Mackenzie and will be included on EMI / Capitol Records upcoming holiday sampler.

Other recent projects for Killer Tracks include: SLAM 54 Y’alternative, Politics, Percussion and Fabulous Flava.

Rob doing a voice over? Apparently so….Rob provides the voice for the “spicy side” character in a series of new spots for Slim Jim. The national campaign is airing now.

Again at Beacon Street, plenty of new commercials including spots for Burger King, Volkswagon, ING, State Farm, AT&T, Adidas, Microsoft and many, many more.

Rob mixed and mastered the new CD from Silvermoney, the duo of producer & multi- instrumentalist Dan Silver and singer Kelly Moneymaker (formerly of Expose). The record is fresh, unique and HEAVY!

Rob handled 5.1 and stereo mixing for music played at the recent E3 video game convention held in Los Angeles. The music was composed and produced by Pete Scaturro.

Rob mixed and mastered new music for the extremely successful APM series Siren Cues which is now up to 22 titles. The newest include Siren 17 “Action Adventure Young Male 3”, Siren 18 “Romantic Comedy 3”, Siren 19 “Tweens”, Siren 20 “Back End 3”, Siren 21 “Back End 4” and Siren 22 “Contemporary Drama”. Nathan Duvall produced for Howling Entertainment.

Rob teamed up with former Fishbone drummer and founding member Fish to cut a song for singer Kelli Love.

Recent projects for Riptide Music include Bad Ass Drums vol. 4.

Rob logged time tracking a number of songs for Hear Music artist Anjulie’s upcoming CD. The songs were produced by Colin Wolfe.

Rob mixed a new song for Jeremy Buck and The Bang.



Rob recently recorded Bon Jovi guitarist Richie Sambora for a new version of the classic Hank Williams song “All My Rowdy Friends” for ESPN’s Monday Night Football.

Rob mixed and mastered a newly produced version of the NBA’s Phoenix Suns theme. This powerful piece of music was written by Dan Lessner and produced by Dan and his Skanda partner Will Richter.

Rob took great pleasure in remastering the score from the famous movie “Caligula” which starred Malcolm McDowell, Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren. This soundtrack CD will be included with a newly restored DVD to be released this year from Image Entertainment.

Mastered the new solo release "Forty Marshas" from Goo Goo Dolls drummer Mike Malinin.

Recent projects for APM: mixing and mastering new releases for the SIREN and END GAME titles including "Deadly Intent", a collection of intense action orchestral tracks from composer Richard Jacques.

Recent Projects for Killer Tracks include these releases: “Hot Vocal Hooks”, “Wacky Tacky”, “DJ Happy”, “Big Back Ends”, “News Themes” and “Rage-O-Matic” among others.

Recent Projects for Network include these releases: SLAM! 45 “Urban Drop Squad”, SLAM! 46 “Ipop”, SLAM! 47 “Chaos Rock Show” and SLAM! 49 “Atomic Funk”.

Recent projects with Beacon Street Studios: commercials for Coke, Budweiser, Miller, KIA, Burger King, McDonalds, Del Taco, Sprite (LeBron James) and many, many more.

Rob mixed and mastered "Message Of The Blues", the alter-ego of Beacon Street duo Andrew Feltenstein and John Nau. The music almost defies description – think AIR meets Robert Johnson. The CD is available now on I Tunes.

Mixed and mastered woodwind great Mark Hollingsworth’s new record "Chasing The Sun".

Mixed and mastered the new CD “Vanilla” from Thai rockers Flure for Sony Music.

Rob mastered the new record from Epitaph Records artist Orange. The new CD entitled “Escape From LA” was produced by Phil Jaurgui and mixed by Warren Huart at Swinghouse Studios.

Mastered Cris Velasco’s score for the new Clive Barker video game "Jericho".

Mastered Rednote Audio’s (Rod Abernathy & Jason Graves) score for the video game "Silent Hunter 4."

Rob mixed and mastered the debut of “Two Of Cups”, the duo of Leta Lucy (Twilight Singers) and Denver Dalley (Statistics & Intramural). The Record was produced by Jason Brahms and Denver.

Mastered new releases for Riptide Music including "Bad Ass Drums 2 & 3" and “Dynamedia Orchestra & Choir”.

Rob mastered new comedy releases for Levity Entertainment including Comedy Central stars Jeff Dunham and Gabriel Iglesias as well as The Axis of Evil Comedy tour and The Jameson Whiskey Comedy tour.

Mastered the new record for “Jazz Criminals,” the duo of famed and eclectic composers Jim Lang and Pat Gleeson.

Rob Mastered “The Best Of The Best”, a new release feature tracks from some of the finest composers in the video game industry including Tommy Tallarico, Jack Wall, Jesper Kyd, Billy Martin and many more. The CD is the brainchild of manager Bob Rice who handles all of these very talented artists.


    Rob mixes the theme for ESPN’s Monday Night Football. The new version was recorded in Seattle & Los Angeles and was arranged by Cris Velasco, and produced by APM’s Erin Collins.

     More football…Rob also tracked Roots drummer ?uestlove on a newly produced version of the classic Hank Willams song “All My Rowdy Friends”. Watch for the new video, featuring an All Star band, when it debut’s on September 11th.

     Rob mixes the opening theme for the new ABC series “Schooled” starring Jesse McCartney. The theme was composed by John Nau and Andrew Feltenstein of Beacon Street Studios.

     Much more music at Beacon Street…Rob mixes new Burger King spots including, “Manthem” and “NASCAR Chicken Changer”. Both ads were Ad Critic's “spots of the week”. Crispin, Porter + Boguski was the agency. Rob also mixed a new Beacon Street production of the classic BTO song “Takin’ Care of Business” for Office Depot.

     Rob mastered a number of new releases for BMG / Killer Tracks including…”Coolset Vocal Hooks”, “Drop SLAM” and the 5.1 release “Trailer Trash”. A hearty thank you to Kat Green, Gregg Lehrman and Carl Peel for bringing me in on these cool projects.

     Rob mixed and mastered 5 new songs for the ever unique and eclectic band Kinky.

     Rob mixed and mastered singer songwriter John Stauffer’s debut. This killer record of 11 delicious songs (think AM Gold) was smartly produced by Jason Brahms.

     Rob mixes LA fav’s The Groovy Rednecks new record, “Loud Mouth Drunks”.

     Rob mastered the Quincy Jones project “We Are The Future”. The benefit concert for needy children world-wide was shot and recorded in Rome and features superstars from all over the world including Herbie Hancock, Ennio Morricone, Carlos Santana, Josh Groban and many more. The music was mixed by Jim Faraci at Triage Entertainment.

     Rob mixed music by Veigar Margeirsson for a number of film trailers including “Batman Begins”, “Waiste Deep” and “ATL”.

     Rob mastered the 3rd CD by Los Angeles based solo artist Chance.
"Chance: 11-15" is available now.


NOVEMBER 16, 2005

On a personal note, I’m very thankful to report that I was able to reach my friends in New Orleans. Chris, Vinny, Jay & Kyle are all alright…although Kyle lost his home and Vinny and Jay have been unable to return. Chris’s home on the West bank suffered only some wind damage, but it was 5 weeks before he and his family could return. Ironically, Chris’s chain of music stores - 5 in New Orleans, 1 in Baton Rouge and 1 in Hattiesberg, MS - all survived EXCEPT the Mississippi store. Chris tells me it’s still a devastated place with plenty of uncertainty.

     As for me, I’ve been fortunate enough to have plenty of work to keep me out of trouble…recent film trailers have included Peter Jackson’s new King Kong (Universal), Chicken Little (Walt Disney Pix), North Country (Warner Bros.), Dreamer (Dreamworks) and Underworld 2 (Screen Gems). I’ve also had the pleasure of working with my always busy friends at Beacon Street Studios on a number of commercials, including…the funny NFL Big Man Dance Competition (Triple Double), a series of new Burger King spots (Crispin, Porter and Boguski), Sony X-Box and the G4 Network (72 and Sunny), Time Warner (Ogilvy NY) and Comcast (Goodby, Silverstein and Partners).

     I also recently completed mixing Bay Area singer-songwriter Jeff Rolka’s new record. This 10 song gem was exquisitely produced by Andrew Griffin and Jeff and features some great playing from Max Butler and Kevin White (of Chuck Prophet’s band), Rich McCulley and Andrew himself. Check out Jeff at www.jeffrolka.com.

     Radar Records Anthony Cordova and John Stockton popped by to remix Poverty’s latest and master Curtains new single. I also mixed and mastered Jared Barkan’s new 7 song release.

     There’s been plenty of mastering work as well, including…International superstar Sun Ho’s newest project “Cross”. Handled both the 5.1 and stereo mastering of this live concert DVD. Live’s Adam Kowalczyk also cruised by between tour stops to put the final touches on his new solo record. I also mastered new library releases for RipTide Music, including the ferocious sounding “Bad Ass Drums” and “Silkscreen Songs”.

     And I must say congratulations to Flure, whose Sony record I mixed and mastered this past summer. The bands first single is currently #6 in Thailand and the record is quickly approaching platinum status…cool.

Until next time, be thankful…I am.


AUGUST 31, 2005

     In 1991 I had the great pleasure of going to the city of New Orleans for 6 weeks to produce a band called Exhorder. I instantly fell in love with the place. Now people throw the word “vibe” around all the time…mostly in an exaggerated way. New Orleans had vibe…and culture, history and beauty…and MUSIC and ART and FOOD. 

     Since my first visit, I’ve traveled back a number of times. In fact the city has become my favorite place to visit. As a matter of fact, my wife and I had a trip planned for next March. And with every trip, was a get together with my buddies from Exhorder where we would feast and drink and my stomach would ache afterward…not from eating but from laughing.

     It’s absolutely brutal watching what’s happened there on TV. So many people left with nothing…if they were lucky, and the sobering reality that the city of New Orleans will most likely never be the same.

     I’m thinking of my friends Chris, Jay, Vinnie and Kyle and praying to God that they and their families are alright…although I’ve been unable to reach any of them at the moment.

     I’d ask everyone to think of the people of New Orleans and the Gulf Coast area. Say a prayer to your God for them…or just a thought from your heart. A donation to the
Red Cross sure wouldn’t hurt either.

     And I hope someday, I can go back to New Orleans and love being there, just like I used to.


JUNE 2005

     Just been informed that it’s now June. Can’t believe it. Half the year has passed, and most of it has been a blur. Apparently, here’s what’s happened over the past 6 months…

Rob’s been spending an awful lot of time with the outrageously hot (not like that) Andrew Feltenstein & John Nau of Beacon Street Studios. The duo’s success with commercials over the past 18 months has been phenomenal. Recent projects have included…a new national campaign for KIA and their clever KIA fest rock concert spots (David & Goliath)…Direct TV’s NFL Sunday Ticket (Triple Double) featuring the vocal talents of “Curb Your Enthusiasm’s” Jeff Garland as well as NFL stars Peyton Manning & Dick Butkus…A new Spike Jonze directed spot for The GAP featuring a wonderful remake of the classic Disney song “Whistle While You Work” (Crispin, Porter + Boguski)…Mini Cooper’s popular “Top Down” spots (C,P+B), for which the Beacon guys won an ADDY award…and commercials for Motorola (Ogilvy NY), Bacardi (David & Goliath), and spots for Six Flags (Doner) with composer Craig Dobbin…Rob also helped Andrew and John produce 3 songs for “Alias” star Mia Maestro.

Recent trailers include “Batman Begins” (Christian Bale & Katie Holmes) for Warner Brothers and “The Man” (Samuel L. Jackson & Eugene Levy) for New Line Cinema. Both were done with composer Veigar Margeirsson. And congratulations to Veigar, who was nominated for a Golden Trailer award for his work on last years “Ocean’s Twelve”.

Rob also had the pleasure of mastering international super-star Robi Draco Rosa’s new live concert DVD for Sony Music. The show was expertly recorded and mixed by the very talented Ed Cherney. Other mastering projects included…Bay Area rapper ShoTyme’s new release which features The Game on one track…a new EP from Chance & The Choir (in my humble opinion, the best band in LA right now)…and composer Jeff Rona’s beautiful score “A Thousand Roads” for release on the Reincarnate label.

     Rob also mixed and mastered smooth jazz artist Mark Hollingsworth’s new CD, which included Tal Bergman on drums and co-producer James Wirrick on guitar. Currently, Rob’s mixing the Thai rock group Flure’s new record for BMG / Bakery Records…and after that, looking forward to a much needed vacation in sunny Florida.


     After a nice Holiday break, the new year opened with a bang…

     January saw Rob tracking and mixing 3 more songs for Geffen artist Res’s upcoming record. The tracks were recorded at Cherokee and mixed at The POD…Rob also mixed a couple of tracks and mastered singer songwriter Rich McCulley’s new CD…mixing and mastering Veigar Margeirsson’s score for the film, Sweet William, which stars Frank Langella, and mastering a record for the ever so quirky and cool Jeremy Buck. Check him out at: www.jeremybuck.com.

     Rob also spent some time at Beacon Street recording and mixing a number of commercial’s including, the clever Burger King crispy chicken ranch spot which featured Hootie & The Blowfish singer Darius Rucker, a new campaign for KIA (David & Goliath) and national spots for Pepperidge Farms (Brighthouse Atlanta).

     February projects included…mixing Latin Soul Syndicates new record…tracking drummer John Ferraro for singer songwriter Dan McKenzie’s new record and working on Jeff Rona’s new score for the film Slow Burn which stars Ray Liotta and Taye Diggs


     Wishing everyone another Happy Holiday…and thanks to everybody that I’ve had the pleasure to know, meet and work with this past year. Here’s what’s been happening…

     Rob is currently producing LA duo Sci-Fi Lullaby, who have been selected by Microsoft’s new internet music store as one of the world’s 5 most promising unsigned artists. The Microsoft site will compete head to head with Apple’s I tunes store. Sci-Fi’s songs will be available at the site, and the exposure will benefit these great songwriters immensely.

     Rob also recently mastered legendary rockers the Doobie Brothers new concert DVD “Live at Wolftrap” for Sanctuary Records. Rob handled the 5.1 portion with DNA’s Dave Donnelly mastering the stereo mixes…Blizzard Entertainment composer / producer Jason Hayes came by to mix and master original music for the hugely successful video game World Of Warcraft…One of our favorite composer’s, Jeff Rona brought by his latest score for the Sci-Fi channel’s new mini series “Earthsea.” Rob mastered the soundtrack for release on the Varese Sarabande label.

     Recent film trailer work includes…”Ocean’s Twelve”, “Vera Drake”, “Blade Trinity”, “The Forgotten” and a new trailer for Oliver Stone’s epic “Alexander.” Rob also mixed the theme for the new Disney animated series “American Dragon” with former Dada guitarist Michael Gurley.

     Commercial projects include a number of spots with my pal’s at Beacon Street including work for the NFL, Borders Books, American Airlines, video game maker SRS, and the very funny Burger King pay-per-view style Ultimate Chicken Championship spot.

     And not to be neglected, record projects have been plentiful as well, including…mixing and mastering former Zoo People member John Jakubek’s new project Electrobek…recording and mixing a track for Geffen artist Res with producer (and former NWA cohort) Colin Wolfe…mixing and mastering 2 new cuts for English rockers The Plastic Heroes for Swinghouse Records…mixing and mastering the new record from LA’s DUFF…and cutting a track with famed director Tony Kaye (American History X) that included fab drummer Joey Waronker.

Until next year… 


JUNE 2004
     Despite repeated attempts to update the news page quarterly, it looks like now we're going to try semi-annually...so here goes.

January and February were mostly spent completing Adam Cohen's new record "Melancolista" for EMI Canada. Rob mixed the record in the friendly confines of The Pod.

Speaking of The Pod, March saw a "swan-like" metamorphosis of technology with a new G5 running a Pro Tools HD3 Accel system, plus a few things I've always wanted...like some API mic pre's and EQ's and a couple of UA 1176 limiters. There was also all new wiring done and the installation of a tt patchbay.

Once I got everything working...thank you Bill Storkson...the new room was christened with mixing composer Chris Anderson's wickedly cool score for the film "Keep Your Distance," and mastering a new library for Music Junkies called "The Savage Tongue" which features 22 unbelievable orchestral/choir pieces in both 5.1 and stereo.

April brought lots of great projects with my friends John and Andrew at Beacon Street, including national add campaigns for Burger King, BMW and Virgin Airlines (Crispin, Porter & Bukowski), Ore-Ida (Ogilvy Mather) and Ponds (BBDO), as well as the very pleasant task of recording the great Clive Barker reading excerpts from his new book Abarat.

Projects in May include mixing a trailer for Oliver Stone's new epic "Alexander The Great" and mixing and mastering more original music for Associated Production Music and the Ant Farm.


     I'd like to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season and a wonderful New Year. I would also like to thank all the composers, artists, bands, musicians and producers that I've had the pleasure of working with and getting to know this past year. Thank you all for making me a part of your music.

As 2003 winds down, the work continues: October brought famed film composer Jeff Rona to The Pod to master music for a 6 hour TV adaptation of the hit film Traffic.

November projects included working with Beacon Street's John Nau and Andrew Feltenstein on the main title for the hit CBS series "The Handler", and with producer Gregg Lehrman on M Audio's new "Trip Hop Funk" sample library. The tracks were recorded at Swinghouse Studios in Hollywood (www.swinghouse.com), and featured the amazing talents of drummer Joel Taylor and bass player Jimmy Earl. Rob also mixed tracks for soulful singer Rebecca Carlish, which featured Jon Nau on keys and drummer Rodan Van Orden, and completed mixing and mastering for San Francisco thrash pioneers Heathen's new record.

Moving to December, Rob's mixing and mastering cues for Veigar Margeirsson's wonderful score of director Eric Shaffer's new movie "Mind The Gap" which stars Jill Sobule and Alan King. Veigar is a fantastic composer, who's brilliant knack for writing themes and melodies never ceases to amaze me.
Check him out for yourself at www.veigar.com. Mastering projects included Northern Cal favorites Thirst and Hippie Aggression.

Projects on tap for early next year include, mixing singer-songwriter Adam Cohen's new album for Virgin Records.

More news as it happens!


     It’s been a hot, hot summer for Rob in 2003. May found Rob at composer Ray Bunch’s Beverly Hills studio recording tracks for the Showtime original movie “Jack” starring Ron Silver and Stockard Channing…Recording and Mixing Sarod master Rajeeve Taranath’s new record for Golden Horn…Mixing commercials for Beacon Street, including national campaigns for “Zocor” and “Purina”… Mastering projects included records for locals F, Rick Boston and Orange Peal Records and their fantastic 2 disc compilation “Orange Co. NY vs Orange Co. Calif. which features some great bands like Autopilot Off, Avenged Sevenfold and Cell Block 5. Check out Orange Peal at www.orangepeal.com

     Moving to June & July, projects included…Mixing a couple of tracks, and Mastering L.A. fav’s Portable’s new record. These guys are GREAT! and must be seen live. Visit them at www.portablemusic.com…Mixing songs for smooth jazz guitarist Blake Aaron’s upcoming Innervision Records release…Location recording and post mixing for world renown vocal coach Roger Love’s Razor & Tie Records instructional DVD…Putting together Associated Production Music’s “Siren Music Library” which featured more than a dozen talented composers. Rob’s contribution included mixing nearly 30 of the cues and mastering all 110! Film Trailer projects included Hidalgo (Viggo Mortensen), Secondhand Lions (Robert Duvall) and Gigli (well…you know who). 

With no let up came August and mixing cues for composer John Nau’s fabulously creepy score for Columbia Tristar’s “Wild Things ll”…Mixing and Mastering music for composers Thom Rotella and Matt Ender for the 2003 season of the NBC entertainment magazine show Extra, which is seen nationally 7 nights a week…

And as we head into September…Rob’s recording Singer Adam Cohen’s new record for Virgin which includes such great players as Joey Waronker on drums and Larry Klein on bass…Other upcoming projects include mixing San Francisco thrashers Heathen’s first new release in nearly a decade. The record will include guests John Sykes on guitar and Whitesnake’s Marco Mendoza on bass.

More news as it develops… 


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