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A very diverse assortment of songs from Bands, Singer Songwriters & Solo Artists. Here, you'll find Rock, Pop, Metal, R & B, Hip Hop, Indie, Jazz and more.

All tracks mixed and mastered
by Rob Beaton

I Only Wanted
Artist: Brandon Mains
Produced by Rob Beaston & Brandon Mains
El Toro
Artist: Steve Ouimette
From the Sumthing Else Music Works release "Epic"
Produced by Steve Ouimette
Kick Me To The Moon
Artist: Dillion Tucker
Produced by Zain Effendi
Where There's A Will There's A Way
Artist: Felsen
From the 9th Street Opus Music release "Felsen Loves You"
Produced by Felsen & Wayne Skeen
One Way Ride
Artist: Standing Shadows
From the release "Five Years Of Darkness"
Produced by Dan Silver & Dave Miltenberg
Artist: Ultra Kinetic Orchestra
From the Gringo Floyd Records release
Produced by John Nau
Like We Do
Artist: Chali 2 Na
Produced by Colin Wolfe
Dirty Wings
Artist: Megan Slankard
Unreleased Rob Beaton remix version
Produced by Rob Beaton, Megan Slankard & Chris Holmes
Artist: Buckethead
From the Virgin Records release "Monsters & Robots"
Produced by Pete Scaturro & Rob Beaton
Mexican Radio
Artist: Kinky
From the Cornerstone Cues release "Sassy"
Produced by Kinky & Nathan Duvall
Artist: Adam Cohen
From the EMI Records release "Meloncolista"
Produced by Adam Cohen, John Nau & Andrew Feltenstein

Artist: James Kidder
Delvue Records
Produced by Rich McCulley
Artist: Sci-Fi Lullaby
Produced by Rob Beaton & Sci-Fi Lullaby
Happily Ever After
Artist: Two Of Cups
From the Vineripe Music release "Dirty Hands
Clean" Produced by Jason Brahms & Denver Dalley
Something Good
Artist: The Sean Tabor Band
From the release "Cardhouse"
Produced by The Sean Tabor Band
Let Me Drive
Artist: Culture Killers
From the Delvue Records release "Culture Killers"
Produced by Delvue Records & Culture Killers
Hey Jane
Artist: Low Millions
From the Manhattan Records release "Ex Girlfriends"
Produced by Adam Cohen, John Nau & Andrew Feltenstein
I Don't Wanna Be In Love
Artist: Headshadow
From the release "Los Atlantis"
Produced by Headshadow
No Rock n' Roll
Artist: Message Of The Blues
From the Beacon Street Records release "MOB"
Produced by John Nau & Andrew Feltenstein
Leave Here Tomorrow
Artist: Res
Produced by Colin Wolfe
Artist: Mark Hollingsworth
From the Windshore Muisc release "Chasing The Sun"
Produced by Mark Hollingsworth
Artist: John Stauffer
From the Vineripe Music release "Philosophy"
Produced by Jason Brahms
Death On 2 Legs
Artist: Heathen
From the release "Recovered"
Produced by Rob Beaton & Heathen

The Stars
Artist: Josh Funk
From the release "Everything In Temporary"
Produced by Josh Funk
Original Sin
Artist: Space Team Electra
From the Sonic Halo release "The Intergalactic Torch Song"
Produced by Sandy Pearlman & Myshel Prasad

Quality is important to Rob. Most of these samples are full clips and all are ripped at 320kbps mp3's so you can preview his work in CD Quality sound.

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