Mixing and Mastering engineer Rob Beaton has been cranking out music for virtually every form of media for over 30 years.

Beginning at the ripe old age of 19, Rob began his career at the world famous Record Plant Studios in Sausalito, CA. At the time, The Plant was considered one of the world's finest recording and mixing facilities, catering to a who's who of legendary artists, musicians, producers and engineers. The perfect environment for the habitually habitual Rob to learn and absorb from the consummate professionals plying their craft day in and day out.

Among the many greats Rob had the privilege of working with were producers like Mike Clink (Gun's n Roses), Jim Gaines (Otis Redding, Steve Miller) and even the elusive "Mutt" Lange (insert mega-platinum artist here). Artists and bands included Eddie Van Halen & Sammy Hagar, Whitney Houston, Journey, Todd Rundgren, Huey Lewis & The News….and just to be fair, Kenny G and Michael Bolton too.

After nearly a decade at The Plant, Rob left the nest in search of newer challenges….producing. You learn a lot about yourself and others when you produce records….and Rob did. Developing skills (both social & technical), a "plays well with others" demeanor and the always present sense of humor. Being funny always helps…..

Nearly 10 years later, Rob found himself making the move to Los Angeles…..and wishing he'd done it ten years earlier. Expanding his skill set and embracing all of the new technology, Rob began collaborating on more and more music for film and television.

Realizing his passion and love was mixing and mastering music, Rob decided to focus exclusively on just that - relying on his instincts, taste and his feel. Surrounding himself with a studio loaded with all of his favorite toys and expertly combining all that the new and ever evolving technology has to offer with his old school love of irreplaceable classic and vintage analog gear…..he loves things that have tubes in them.

Today, Rob spends his days mixing and mastering music in an astonishing array of styles. Bringing his unique creativity, energy and tastemakers vibe to each and every piece of music. His mantra is QUALITY, CONSISTENCY & DIVERSITY. And he makes sure that every project lives up to that.. Rob knows this is the reason that he's maintained very long relationships with the majority of his clients. His skill and ability to be a "one stop resource" for Mixing AND Mastering has kept him in high demand. His job is to make them look good…..and he loves doing it.

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